Zero Waste Living,The 80/20 Way (5D16)

Date: 07/11/2022

Good morning everyone, I am Thomas from class 5D.Today I want to talk to you about a book which is called “Zero Waste Living,The 80/20 Way”.Written by Stephanie Miller.


Do you know how much rubbish is produced in HK everydayAccording to data from the HK Environmental Protection Department. Over 15,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste are produced per day in 2021.This is equal to 1 thousand buses. Nearly 50% of municipal solid waste is domestic waste.This shows that our rubbish accounts for an enormous amount of rubbish disposed of in the landfills.


Municipal solid waste not only occupies landfills but is also causing environmental problems.For instance,the

Contamination of water resources,the spreading of infectious diseases,loss of biodiversity and even the possible extinction of a particular species because of climate change.


Although zero waste living is the best way to avoid the irreversible damage to the environment,it is impossible for us to achieve this goal in reality.So what actions should we take in order to approach this goalHere are few suggestions


First,Be aware of the importance of the 3R’s which refer to “Reduce,Reuse,Recycle”and the negative impact to the environment caused by the waste.By understanding this knowledge,you will hopefully be motivated to always carry out environmentally friendly actions.


Second,we can drastically reduced our consumption and become savvy consumers.Before we purchase a product,we must consider if it is necessary or not in order to prevent waste.


In addition,we can reuse and recycle.For instance,we can consider using the tissue box as a container to store stationery. Old and used material can be endowed with a new function by using our creative mind.


Our earth consists of different beautiful landscapes,but they are disappearing because of our selfish actions.


In this book, Stephanie Miller introduces different useful environmentally friendly strategies through her own experience.If you want to contribute to environmental protection,you must not miss this book.


This is the end of my book sharing.Thank you

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