Economics Study Tour to Shanghai

In order to understand the economic development in Mainland China, 40 economics students from S4, together with 4 teachers – Mr. Chu PT (Economics), Mr. Wan CW (Economics), Ms. Lam WY (Chinese) and Ms. Yung WH (Chinese History) – participated in a 4-day study tour to Shanghai from 21 April to 24 April, 2018.

The study tour aims to help students acquire first-hand observations and experiences regarding the economic condition of Mainland China and to apply their textbook knowledge to understand and analyse their observations. In addition, the tour also intends to introduce students the latest development of the Belt and Road Initiative.

During the tour, students visited a production plant of Volkswagen and the Shanghai Auto Museum to learn about the industrial development of Mainland China. They also visited a branch of the Bank of Communications during which our student-representatives (4E Yung Lok Yi and 4E Yim Wai Lok) delivered a speech to the staff of the bank to extend our gratitude. Moreover, students attended a lecture at Fudan University regarding the opportunities and threats faced by the Chinese economy and the latest development of the Belt and Road Initiative. Students actively discussed with the professor and the students of the Fudan University after the lecture.

Special thanks to the Education Bureau for subsidising 70% of the cost and to Sincerity Travel for making arrangements of the tour.