365 Things to Do with LEGO Bricks (2B05 & 2B09)

Title: 365 Things to Do with LEGO Bricks

Author: Simon Hugo

Publisher: DK PUB


Alicia: Good morning everyone, I am Li King Yeung Alicia from class 2B.

Mary: I am Pan Man Fei Mary from class 2B.

Alicia: Today we would like to share a book about Design and Technology, it is called “365 Things to do with lego bricks”.

Mary: It is written by Simon Hugo. I believe that most of the boys like playing lego when they were young.

Alicia:  We can use different techniques to create the models we want through lego. This book has introduced different types of models. For example, the models about festival, sports, display and art. My favourite model is a Chinese Dragon. In China, people see it in the New Year and other important events by dancing with life-size dragon puppets. We can mark a special occasion by building a miniature dragon. It is amazing!

Mary: My favouite model is a lucky dip machine which looks like a classic candy dispenser. We can push the drawer in to catch a lego piece and then pull it out again to see what piece you’ve got. We can put different things inside the dip machine too!

Alicia: But how can we build a lego successfully?

Mary: Whatever you want to build, think about whether it might look better if some or all of the parts were used on their sides or even upside down! Angle plates and bricks with side studs offer ways to build more than one direction. Even without these, you could make an entire model only by bricks and lay them  down on their sides. It sounds interesting, right?

Alicia: When you finished your model, you can share your creativity with professional-looking photos of your models. Use a stand to keep your camera steady and choose a well-lit space to work in.

Mary: Focus your lens directly on your model rather than the background to ensure you get sharp images. Don’t use the camera flash or point lights directly at your model, this will create shiny areas on the bricks.

Alicia: This book is interesting! I have never been in contact with lego before but through this book, I have become interested in playing lego.

Mary: Playing lego is fun! If you are interested in playing lego, you can borrow this book and read it, it can help you a lot!