Animal Behavior – Animal Defenses (4A04 & 4A11)

Title: Animal Behavior – Animal Defenses

Author: Christina Wilsdon

Publisher: Chelsea House


Cecilia: Hi Tiffany. Oh what is this? It is ugly and why are its eyes being red?

Tiffany: This is a tree frog. It will pop open its enormous red eyes as defences towards the predators. That is called flash coloration. Due to its sudden change in the appearance, it will stop the predators in its track.

Cecilia: Oh! It seems interesting!

Tiffany: Yes! The chameleon also have their own defence. They have a reputation for changing colours instantly to disguise themselves in the surrounding environment.So, it can hide and quickly escape from predators.

Cecilia: Wow! How do you know these?

Tiffany: I have learnt all these from a book I read recently. It is called “Animal Behaviour – Animal Defenses” written by Christina Wilsdon. This book highlights various kind of animals and insects on how they can escape from dangers, like predators, by using their unique behavioural adaptations. Wild animals, just like humans, need to face many dangerous situations, so as to struggle for survival. This book also explains and introduces various types of defences discovered by the zoologists, scientists who study animals.

Cecilia: This book sounds great! Is there any interesting part in this book?

Tiffany: Definitely yes! The most interesting part of this book is the column with an animal’s photo and its defences towards the predators. Under each description, there will be a very clear photo to show reader the real situations with a few words. I think this book is interesting because we can rarely capture and see unique or even endangered animals in our daily lives. I know much more about wild animals after reading this book. Besides, I have learnt from the animals to be more independent. Animals find food and face dangers by themselves. Once said ‘survival of the fittest’, only those that can adapt to the surrounding can survive. As teenager, we need to prepare for future and equip ourselves with some abilities. We cannot always rely on others in order to have a foothold in society.

Cecilia: After listening to you, I have gained a lot. When facing dangers, animals will make use of different means to protect themselves. Even when they are not in danger, they will stay alert to any changes from time to time. This gives us a good reminder. We should always be vigilant in peacetime. This saves us from falling into difficulty.

Tiffany: Yes, you are right! From this book, you can also have a deeper understanding of the history and evolution of the animal behaviour as well as their future. Moreover, we can gain knowledge on whether human activities will bring benefit or harm to the complex ecosystem. I will recommend this book to my schoolmates as it involves plenty of knowledge and skills that I can apply in my daily lives. Moreover, our world is full of mystery in which many amazing things can be explored. If you want to have a deeper understanding on animals’ defences, this book is
certainly a good choice.

Cecilia: Thanks for listening. I’m Cecilia from 4A.

Tiffany: I’m Tiffany from 4A. Good bye!