Study Tour to Kyushu, Japan

36 Geography students with 3 teachers, Mrs Hung LMY, Mr. Liu WC and Miss Lee Wing Har, joined the study tour to Kyushu, Japan from 18th April, 2017 to 22nd April, 2017.  We visited many magnificent tourist spots including  Shiroyama Park Observation Deck, Takachiho Farm, Oni no Sentakuiwa which looks like a washboard formed by wave erosion near the coast, Takachiho Gorge, Hells of Beppu which is associated with eight hot springs and Sakurajima which is an active volcano.  The views were really a great magnet to us .When it comes to natural landscape,  Kyushu is a city submerged in nature and the landscapes are unique and spectacular. We were taught a lot about the formation of different landscapes, history and culture of Kyushu.  We were all inspired by the eye-catching view and had much commitment to the tour.  We gained much geography knowledge such as formation of gorge, volcano and wave-cut platform and the diversified industries in Kyushu.  The most impressive view is Sakurajima.  To most of us, this was the opportunity that we had the closest look at an active volcano ever.  We enjoyed this tour a lot and it really further stirred up our interest in Geography.  We were very lucky that we had treasured this one-in-a-life-time chance in joining this study tour to Kyushu.

18/4/2017— Shiroyama Park Observation Deck

19/4/2017— Sakurajima(volcano), Tenmonkan Street, kakuida(Black Rice Vinegar)

20/4/2017— Takachiho Farm, Kirishima-Jingū(Shinto shrine), power plant

21/4/2017— Hells of Beppu(hot spring), Takachiho Gorge, Manai no taki fall (waterfall)

22/4/2017— Oni no Sentakuiwa (wave-cut platform)