Principal’s Message – 19/1/2017

Good morning everyone,

You have just finished the first term exam and teachers are busy marking your exam scripts. You may relax for some time by reading fiction and some interesting articles, participating in extra-curricular activities or external school activities and doing community services. Secondary school life should be joyful. Actually, you can enjoy other types of learning besides attending lessons in the classroom.

Last Saturday I attended an event called “鄰舍團年飯” organized by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups. Low-income families, people who live alone and ethnic minorities in the Eastern District were invited to enjoy “Poon Choi” in an open playground in Shau Kei Wan. This is a meaningful activity initiated by youngsters and supported by the Home Affairs Department. Their aim is to foster community spirit and caring for the neighborhood in the district. I was glad to see many of our students attend this event as voluntary helpers. They have lighted up their own lives as well as others by serving the community.

I attended an education seminar this Monday. The guest speaker Professor LEE Wing On, Vice-President of the Open University of Hong Kong delivered a talk on the 21st Century Competencies and educators would like schools to help students develop certain competencies. Here I’d like to share what they generally include with you:

. Cognitive skills: critical thinking, problem-solving and knowledge application, creativity
. Interpersonal skills: communication and collaboration, leadership, global and cross-cultural awareness
. Intrapersonal skills: self-direction, motivation, learning how to learn.

The speaker also mentioned the views of employers on the working performance of S6 graduates expressed in a survey. The two most common items that they lack are problem-solving skills and a persevering attitude. So, in order to prepare well for your future career, you should pay more attention to these two areas. Working hard with perseverance is of utmost importance.

Lastly, I would like to promote two school events here. First, it is the lunar new year fair stall put up at Victoria Park by our BAFS and Econ students. Their stall no. is 49 and it will open from 22nd January to 28th January. Please do pay a visit to their stall and support them with your family. Second, it is the fund-raising concert for the NOVA Project organized by the Alumni Association on 18th February 2017. The programme comprises a number of singing, music and dancing performances by alumni and current and former teachers. If you are interested in watching this good show, you can contact Mr. HUNG or Mr. Jackie WONG in the Career’s Rm. Each ticket will be sold at $380 for adults and $200 for students. Some special guests will show up and perform that night. Do come and support us.