An Open Letter from the Supervisor – 24/1/2017

Dear Parents, Alumni and Friends,

Our efforts towards making our school’s redevelopment project ‘NOVA’ a reality, continue with enormous enthusiasm and commitment. In the last two years we have organized and carried out concerts, walkathons and other activities, all towards achieving our ambitious fundraising goal of $25 million. While we have already made significant progress we would now like to invite you all to participate even further in our quest to make our school a campus with world class facilities.

We would like to invite donors who would not only like to help us reach our target but also leave a lasting legacy of their support and generosity through this project. These opportunities range from the larger ones such as the New Building ($10 million) or Hall ($2 million) to the mid-range Student Activity Centre ($500 thousand). A Celebration Wall for even smaller donations will be established so that all interested supporters of our redevelopment can feel included in this historic effort. Special Plaques of Appreciation will be etched with the names of donors so that their generosity can be honoured. Donations can be made as individuals, groups of alumni and even particular graduating classes or years. I further invite all members of the public who would like to contribute to our fund raising campaign. Please feel free to contact the Principal or the school IMC Managers for further details on how these donations can be made.

Our school has played a leading role in education in our community for many years. We hope to maintain our fine tradition while facing the demands of future generations equipped with the best possible facilities, equipment and resources. The success of our redevelopment project depends on your generous support. I sincerely encourage all our stakeholders, be they parents, students, alumni and other friends to join us in creating this bright new chapter for Hong Kong Chinese Women’s Club College.

Yours Sincerely
Lam Wai Kei Vicky