It is now the beginning of a new academic year and I am very pleased to report on the progress of our school’s redevelopment – the NOVA project. I would like to inform all stakeholders in our school community that our NOVA project is proceeding according to plan and we are busily doing our best to raise funds to see our dream come to fruition.

In the months ahead we have planned a series of fund raising events. We will hold our second walkathon in Victoria Peak, on the 17th December. If last year’s walkathon was any indication it will no doubt prove to be another successful event for us. On the 18th February next year our Alumni will put on a performance in our school hall and on the 4th July 2017 our school band will celebrate its 30th anniversary with a special performance at City Hall.

Our NOVA project will only become a reality with the wholehearted support of everyone associated with our school. Luckily we have a very dedicated community behind our efforts. I would like to pay tribute to and acknowledge the dedicated efforts of our school sponsoring body, our IMC and our Alumni who are all doing their best to raise funds for our NOVA project. We are deeply grateful for their combined efforts towards raising the HKD20-30 million top up funds needed for the redevelopment.

The detailed design for the new campus will be completed and ready for submission to the EDB by the end of 2016. This plan will include details of the interior layout including such features as elevators and staircases. If the project can be upgraded to Cat. B+, the next step in the process is a submission to the Public Works sub-committee in 2018 and final funding approval will be sought from Hong Kong Legislative Council’s Finance Committee in 2018. If all goes according to plan the earliest date of commencement of construction will be the end of 2018 with an estimated date of completion in the year 2020.

In the last academic year (2015-16) we held various successful fund raising events. These included our very first walkathon, a Parents Choir Concert and a generous donation from the Students’ Association. In the previous year (2014-15) we printed DVDs of our school’s 35th Anniversary Variety Show, proceeds from the sales of this video recording have also gone towards our NOVA project.
Finally I’d like to thank everyone who has been involved so far with this project. Your efforts are highly appreciated and I urge you to continue your good work as only with each other’s support can we make this exciting redevelopment come to life.

A more detailed analysis of the estimated costs of the proposed construction is forthcoming.