School Year Commencement Greeting – 1/9/2016

Good morning everyone,

Welcome back to school!

We all had a long summer holiday and I believe you have made good use of your time to equip yourselves. I would like to express my gratitude to teachers for their hard work and guidance for students during the summer vacation, such as giving supplementary lessons, leading study tours and participating in external activities. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the janitors for tidying up the school premises after the construction and repair works so that we can have a good learning environment in the new academic year.

This year we have four new teachers: our two English teachers, Miss KWOK and Miss LI, our Physics teacher Mr. TANG and our Economics teacher Mr. WAN. We also have two new non-teaching staff, our IT Assistant Mr. LAI and our janitor Uncle LAM. I would like you all to respect and co-operate with them. A new ECA service group, the Junior Police Call JPC, will be run by Mr. CHU this year. Our Biology teacher Miss LEE will be our new Careers Mistress. There are also some changes in the Discipline Team and General Guidance Team. Our Music teacher Miss
CHUI and Chinese teacher Miss LAM will be our new discipline teachers. Our LS teacher Ms. WONG / Mrs. CHIU will take the place of our English teacher Mrs. CHAN in the General Guidance Team.

Statistics show that about 85% of our S.6 graduates received JUPAS offers this year. Many of the have been accepted to take professional and competitive degree courses like Medicine, Law, Accounting, Engineering, Global Business, Quantitative Finance, Dental Surgery, Architectural Studies, and so on. Actually, they have been trying very hard in their studies. So, at the commencement of this new school year, I would like you to set your goals. Do aim high and strive for excellence in your academic results. Manage your time well to participate in extra-curricular and other learning activities as well so that you can strike a balance in your school life.

This year, our education theme is “Fostering proactive learning and values in a caring community”. We will focus on more self-directed learning programmes. More books and websites of different subjects will be recommended at the school home page. Do browse these lists and read more quality books and articles throughout this year. Again, always be polite and gentle to people, show respect and understanding to others. Let’s encourage each other and put the education theme into practice.

The Rio Olympics came to an end in late August. Have you watched some of the sports events on TV? Many scenes of the Olympic events were exciting and touching, like the performance of China’s women’s volleyball team, the accident of Hong Kong’s athlete Lee Wai Sze in the track cycling event and the semi-final badminton competition between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan. To fulfil the wish to compete, a professional athlete has to endure the pains, injuries and torments in training. The athletes had displayed sportsmanship while they were striving to get faster, higher
and stronger. I would like you to learn from their perseverance, sportsmanship and team spirit. We should always try our best to accomplish our task and never give up.

Lastly, though most of you are too young to vote in the 2016 Legislative Council Election on 4 th September, I would like you to show your concern about what is happening around us, especially affairs related to Hong Kong, since it is our home.

In closing, may I wish everyone a fruitful and successful school year!

Thank you.