Year End Review 15/7/2016

Good morning everyone,

Today is the last school day of this academic year 2015-2016. Indeed, I am now in England and have just attended my son’s graduation ceremony in the university. I believe our teachers can help run the school smoothly as usual during my absence. Actually, teachers have been working very hard to put our education theme “In pursuit of greater knowledge, stronger character and fellowship” into practice. Besides teaching, teachers have led our students to participate in many external activities and competitions and won a lot of individual and group prizes. They also organized study tours to Shenzhen and South Korea in June and July this year and some students are going to Vietnam later this month and attending an exchange band programme in Taiwan in August. Thank you, teachers and students for your concerted effort.

This year, our S.6 students got good HKDSE exam results. The average subject pass rate is 99.5%. The average subject rate of attaining Level 4 or above is 75.4%. The top student got five 5**s and one 5* in 7 subjects. Altogether we have a total of fifty-seven 5**s (including M2 module) this year. I would like to thank teachers for their effort helping students preparing for the HKDSE exam.

The second term and annual exam results have been displayed in the covered playground. Do have a look. You should catch up with your work during the summer vacation. Do spend more time reading quality books and doing exercises. The harder you try, the greater chance you have to meet the minimum university entrance requirement. S.5 students, you will face the HKDSE next year and the annual exam for S.6 will be held in January, 2017. Study hard and manage your time well. Actually all students should make good use of the holiday, keep a good reading and learning habit and maintain good conduct.

Three teachers are going to retire in the next academic year. First, it is our founding teacher, Mrs. KONG. Mrs. KONG has been teaching in our school for 38 years. Not only is she being our English teacher, she has also been a discipline staff and the Dance group teacher-in-charge. She is efficient and devoted to teaching. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for her dedicated effort over the past 38 years. Thank you, Mrs. KONG. Wish you all the best and a happy retirement life in the future.

Two other teachers are going to have early retirement in the next academic year. The first teacher is Mr. LOONG, our Physics Panel Convener, who has been teaching in our school for 34 years. Mr. LOONG is also a teacher of Mathematics and Computer Literacy. He is the teacher-in-charge of domain concerning student performance and evaluation. Mr. LOONG is a well-experienced Physics teacher who likes doing experiments and reading. He is devoted to teaching and always gives inspiring speeches.

The second teacher taking early retirement is Mr. LEUNG, our Economics Panel Convener, who has been teaching in our school for 30 years. Mr. LEUNG is a member of the IT Committee, the teacher-in-charge of time-tabling and teacher substitution. He is kind, helpful and devoted to teaching. He has helped organize study tours for students for many years. Thank you, Mr. LOONG and Mr. LEUNG and wish you both a happy early retirement life.

Our English teacher, Miss FONG, will leave us after this academic year. She has planned to further her study abroad. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for Miss FONG’s effort in teaching, caring for students and leading the Elderly Service of the CYC for the past eight service years of service. I would like to wish her all the best in the future.

In closing, I would like to show my appreciation to the students who help us all the time in morning and hall assemblies. I would like to thank all pianists, student MCs, AV and PV team members. Without their help, the assemblies could not have been run so smoothly.

Lastly, wish you all a wonderful and fruitful summer holiday. Thank you.