Principal’s Message 2/6/2016

As you know from the recent special school circular, concrete spalling from the ceiling of the hall was found in the early morning of 25 th April, 2016. Fortunately, no one was injured. The hall was temporarily closed and the EDB emergency team was informed. After thorough checking, it has confirmed that the foundation structure of the hall is safe and it has to take about at least six weeks to undergo emergency repairs. We hope the hall can be reopened for the second term examination. Though the hall may be reopened for the exam purpose, further repairs to the stage are required and it still cannot be used in June and July.

During the past six weeks, activities scheduled to be held in the hall have been rearranged. For example, the DSE exam, non-formal tests, hall assemblies and Inter-house Knowledge Quiz were carried out in the classroom. The venues of some events were changed to other schools, like the Eastern District CYC Annual Prize-giving Ceremony and our PTA AGM cum Parent-child Variety Show which had to be held at Cognitio College (HK) and the HKCWC Hioe Tjo Yoeng Primary School respectively. Actually, it took more time and manpower to rearrange the events. Luckily, with our great joint effort, most of them were successfully held. I would like to express my gratitude to all teachers, students, parents and non-teaching staff involved. Without their help, we couldn’t have overcome all the difficulties and the events wouldn’t have been run so smoothly. From these experiences, once again, we learnt the importance of uniting the school community and seizing this opportunity to enhance our team work. As for you, students, this incident has also provided you with a chance to learn how to face adversities. Don’t give up when you face difficult situations. Experience is the teacher of everything. Be courageous and you will become smarter. Think positive and there are always more solutions than problems.

This year, I’ve already had meetings with the SA representatives, two students from each class from S3 to S5, and I am meeting the S1 and S2 student representatives on 16th June. During the meeting, many students voiced their needs and some good suggestions about school facilities and policies were made. Indeed, some suggestions made will be given due consideration and new arrangements may be made in the next academic year. I really treasure the time talking with students and it is a really good practice for school improvement and development.

Lastly, the second term assessment week test results have been displayed in the covered playground. Do have a look. On the whole, only S3 students showed improvement while the results of other levels are not satisfactory and I think the main reason is that most of you did not work hard persistently. You should always adopt a serious attitude. Avoid making careless mistakes in your test/exam. As you can see from the recent news about the wrong medical treatment cases, doing anything with a serious attitude and great care is very important.

The second term exam starts next Monday. Wish you all a successful second term examination! Thank you.