Principal’s Message 21/1/2016

Good morning everyone,

You have just finished the first term exam and are you worried about your exam results that you will get? It is pointless for you to worry. Instead, you should have self reflection and strive for improvement next time. You may relax for some time but you should make your work up as soon as possible afterwards.

Regarding the public exam system of Hong Kong, as long as you are hardworking enough, you should be able to attain satisfactory results. Aim high and gain high. That’s why I always encourage you to obtain more credits in tests and exams. This year’s educational theme is ‘In pursuit of greater knowledge, stronger character and fellowship’. If we want to pursue greater knowledge, we should always adopt a serious attitude towards learning. Learning can be fun. Don’t perceive learning as a difficult task. If you see it difficult, then you will find it not easy. If you see it not difficult, then you will find it easy. The outcome depends on your thinking. Positive thinking always helps you resolve problems. You are responsible for your learning. Try to learn from others and learn from your success and failure.

In pursuit of stronger character, our Student Support Team has made effort to encourage students’ positive values of courtesy and self-discipline. Have you read the quotes about courtesy on the wall in the corridor? One of the quotes I like most: “Courtesy is consideration for others; politeness is the method used to deliver such considerations.” Showing respect is also a form of courtesy. However, there are too many bad examples nowadays showing disrespect to one another, like using foul language and disclosing one’s personal details in digital media, breaking rules and regulations and even breaking the law with the claim that they just do this for justice and fairness. Mutual respect helps create a harmonious environment and it always leads to a win-win situation. If you want to distinguish what is right from wrong, you must have a critical mind and you need to make use of the positive values that you have learnt. Again, learning is important. It is not only restricted to academic areas, but it also includes other non-academic aspects like values, attitudes, self-management and interpersonal skills and so on.

Lastly, there should be various types of learning in school. Apart from normal lessons, try your best to participate in extra-curricular activities, external school activities and community services so that you can have greater opportunity to learn to be an all-rounder.