School Year Commencement Greeting 1/9/2015

Good morning everyone,

Welcome you back to school!

I am glad to see your happy faces again on the first day of the new school year! We all had a long summer holiday and I believe that you have made good use of your time to equip yourselves. In the vacation, many senior form students came back to school to have supplementary lessons and tests. I would like to thank teachers for their hard work and guidance. I would also like to thank the janitors for their hard work in tidying up the school premises after the construction and repair work so that we can have a good learning environment.

This year we have three new teachers: Mr. CHENG, our Mathematics teacher, Miss LAM, our Chinese teacher and Miss LOK, our English teacher. We also have one part-time Chinese teacher Mrs. LAI and two new non-teaching staff: Mrs. LEUNG, our office staff and Miss YOUNG, our Learning Support Assistant. I would like you to respect and co-operate with them. There is also a change in the Discipline staff. Mr. CHU will take the place of Mr. LAM in the Discipline Team, while Mr. LAM will be the teacher-in-charge of the Civic, Moral and Environmental Committee.

Next, three of our students have been accepted to take Medicine Degree Courses this year, one offered by HKU and two offered by CU. Actually many of our S.6 graduates had been trying very hard in their studies and have good JUPAS offers. Due to limited university places, you still face very keen competition in entering university.

This year, our education theme is “In pursuit of greater knowledge, stronger character and fellowship”. At the commencement of this new school year, I would like all of you to aim high and strive for excellence in both your academic performance and personal growth. In order to become more knowledgeable and better people to face the challenges ahead, you should all take a more active role in learning. Here are some simple steps which you can consider. First, you should do self-preparation before the lesson. Next, it is crucial to take part in class activities actively. Of course, to attain the best results, you should do assignments and revision seriously. Of course, to achieve your goal, you can’t miss the final step of doing assignments and revision seriously. Believe it or not, your results will be much better if you can take up my suggestions.

What is more, please read more. I suggest you read both extensively and intensively. From extensive reading, you can learn a lot of knowledge which can supplement what you have learnt in class. Your horizons will thus be broadened. Through intensive reading, you can definitely spend more time on a book. Please pay attention to the writing styles and the language used. If you find any good language structure or writing style, do try to ‘use’ them in your writing. This is how you can learn better.

Meanwhile, don’t forget the importance of being polite and gentle to people. Be considerate and understanding to others. We will never be regarded as successful if we can’t develop fine personality. That’s why you should be self-disciplined and polite to all staff, your classmates and you schoolmates, say hello to people you meet every day and show concern to others. Dear students, I believe you can do it. Right!
Boys and girls, a dream doesn’t become reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination and hard work. You can all be people with great knowledge, strong character and fellowship.

In closing, may I wish everyone a fruitful and successful school year!

Thank you!