Year End Review 16/7/2015

Good morning everyone,

Today is the last school day of this academic year 2014-2015. Teachers have been working very hard to put our education theme ‘Realising our Potential, Appreciating Ourselves and Others’ into practice. Besides teaching, teachers have led our students to participate in many external activities and competitions in which they have won a lot of individual and group prizes. They also organised study tours to Jeju Island in South Korea and Taipei this year and some students are going to join an environmental exchange programme in Punyu and a science exchange programme in Beijing respectively later this month. Thank you, teachers and students for your concerted effort.

The fourth batch of our S.6 students got quite good HKDSE exam results this year. The average subject pass rate of all subjects is 99.1%. The average subject rate of attaining Level 4 or above is 69.1%. Three top students got the same results: three 5**s and three 5*s in 6 subjects. Altogether we have a total of forty-seven 5**s this year. Students, you must work very hard and at least attain Level 3 in both English Language and Chinese Language (roughly equivalent to Grade D in internal exams) and keep on getting more Level 5s (roughly equivalent to Grade B in internal exam) so that you can gain a greater opportunity to enter university.

With reference to our 2nd term exam results, the average subject pass rate for all levels is around 95%; the respective credit percentages of junior levels of S1 to S3 are around 55%, but the credit percentages of S.4 and S.5 students are below 50%. You should aim at getting more credits and always strive for improvement. The exam results are to be displayed in the covered playground after the assembly. You should catch up with your work during the summer vacation. Do spend more time reading quality books and doing exercises, especially those who are weak in Chinese Language. The harder you try, the greater chance you have to meet the minimum university entrance requirement. S.5 students, you will face the HKDSE next year and the annual exam for S.6 will be held in January, 2016. Study hard and manage your time well. Actually all students should make good use of the holiday, keep a good reading and learning habit and maintain good conduct. Under no circumstances should foul language be used, no matter if it is face-to-face, internet software or electronic Apps communication. You must bear in mind the importance of respecting yourself as well as respecting others.

Three teachers are going to retire in the next academic year. First, our Vice-Principal and Senior English Panel Convener Dr. Wong will take her retirement after this academic year. Dr. Wong has been teaching in our school for 35 years and has been serving as the Vice-Principal for 25 years. Besides teaching and caring for students, Dr. Wong was dedicated to the learning and teaching domain and was the key person who helped the school to become an EMI school in 1998. The former NET Mrs. Irwin and Dr. Wong helped train other teachers to facilitate students’ learning of English as a second language from the year 2000 to 2001. She has also fulfilled a long list of school administrative duties such as holding academic committee, overseeing student admission, enrolment and streaming, implementing Language Across Curriculum. Indeed, there are too many to mention. Dr. Wong is the one who always helped resolve problems when the school faced difficulties. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for her contribution to the school over the past 35 years. Thank you, Dr. Wong. Wish you all the best and a happy retirement life in the future. The successor of Dr. Wong is our Liberal Studies Panel Convener Miss Look. Miss Look will be the new Vice-Principal and Mrs. Lam, our Home Economics Panel Convener, will be the new senior English Panel Convener in the coming academic year.

The second teacher who will take her retirement after this academic year is our founding teacher, Mrs. Chung. Not only is she being our Mathematics teacher, she has also been a member of the CME Committee and the teacher-in-charge of the Badminton Team. Mrs. Chung has been teaching in our school for 37 years. She always provided warm reception to our guests in our school’s annual speech day and open days. She is energetic and devoted to teaching and caring for students all the time. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for her dedicated effort over the past 37 years. Thank you, Mrs. Chung. Wish you all the best and a happy retirement life in the future.

The third teacher is Mrs. Lai, our Chinese Language and former Chinese Literature teacher, who has been teaching in our school for 26 years. Mrs. Lai is also a member of the CME Committee who always gives inspiring speeches in morning assemblies. She is kind and devoted to teaching and caring for students all the time. She also helped lead students to go on study tours. Indeed, Mrs. Lai will stay and serve as a part-time teacher here after her retirement. Thank you, Mrs. Lai. Wish you all the best.

Our office clerical staff Mrs Tsang will also take her retirement after this academic year. She is very loyal to school and has been serving our school for more than 27 years. All the time she is very kind to our teachers and students. Thanks to her effort over the past service years. I would like to wish her good health and a happy retirement life with her four lovely grandchildren.

Next, I have interviewed students from each class from S1 to S5 during the period of reviewing exam papers and post-exam period. I highly appreciate that students could express their ideas clearly and show their reasoning power. Suggestions made for various aspects will be considered and copies of meeting minutes will be sent to the participants through Google Mail. I do treasure this opportunity to listen to students’ views and this practice will be continued next year.

Lastly, I do hope you all always follow our school motto ‘Knowledge and Perseverance’ and strive for improvement all the time. Wish you all a wonderful and fruitful summer holiday. Thank you.