Principal’s Message – 26/5/2015

Good morning everyone,

In an international city as Hong Kong, we know the importance of learning English well. On our Language Day, our guest of honour, Mr. Joe Leung, delivered a speech with some inspiring quotes on the learning of English language. This morning, I’d like to share some of his quotes with you and hope that you can reflect on your learning of the language.

“Language learning is basically about exposure, instruction. In other words, to develop good language competence, we need to read extensively, listen to, see and learn how English is used in different contexts for different purposes. We also need to practise speaking and writing regularly, to express our feelings and thoughts in spoken and written English to different types of audiences – be they our friends, teachers, parents, people who barely know us, people who question us or people who support us. ”
“If language is learned merely as a subject, our learning is likely to be confined to what is there in the textbooks, worksheets or exam practice papers. This will adversely affect our exposure and no less the opportunities to use language meaningfully.”

“Never stop learning and never wait to be taught. In this Information Age, we have no excuse for not learning, especially learning a language.”

Actually, with the advancement in technology, there are ample opportunities for us to see how English is used. I totally agree that there will be no excuse for not learning a language. All depends on if you can take the initiative to work diligently and persistently. The above concept of learning and strategies also apply to learning Chinese language. We need to read extensively, listen to it, see and learn how Chinese is used in different contexts for different purposes. We also need to practise our speaking and writing skills regularly. Again, do bear in mind my slogan, ‘Better languages, better future.’

The PTA AGM cum parent-child variety show was successfully held last Saturday. The guest of honour, Mr. Anthony Sin, the Head of Service of the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society, highly praised our parents for their commitment to the PTA. He also admired our parents’ choir and our students for their great and wonderful performance. As mentioned in the address speech of Mr. Sin, students should appreciate the talents they possess. They should not just focus on academic results. As what Mr. Sin said, be aware of your own potential and realise it to the fullest.

Following last year’s practice, I’ll meet two students from each class during the post exam period. I’ll remind you of the time of the meeting through your Google mail. Do check your Google mail.

Lastly, the second term assessment week test results are going to be displayed in the covered playground today. Do have a look. On average, only S1 students showed little improvement while the results of other levels are not satisfactory and the main reason is that most of you did not work hard. The second term exam starts next Thursday. Do resist temptation of using your mobile phone all the time. Concentrate on your revision and strive for better performance in the exam.

Wish you all a successful 2nd term examination! Thank you.