Principal’s Message – 18/3/2015

The chaos arising from the issue of parallel traders/ individual visitors in many districts like Yuen Long, Tuen Mun and Shatin has brought heated discussion in the society recently. It seems that the entire society has now come to a crucial point with the people protesting and demonstrating during weekends. We really don’t want to see the people express their discontent by violent means like attacking mainlanders’ baggage and pedestrians on the streets. All these only result in social division and social dissension.

How worse will the situation become if the chaos continues and the people still seek irrational means to vent their anger?  As a young people in the 21st century, we should consider the subsequent impacts of disorder on the stability and security cautiously. Remember using violence is definitely not a proper way to get things changed.

Students should understand the importance of abiding by rules and regulations. Imagine if students do not follow the school rules, it will result in disorder and you won’t find a safe and harmonious learning environment.

Next, I’d like to talk about the attitude of learning again though I’ve mentioned it before. I would like you to spend a few minutes reviewing your learning attitude.

First, have you taken the initiative in learning? Have you formed any study group in your class so that you can help and learn from one another? Do you often approach teachers and classmates, during lessons or after school when you face problems with your studies, or you just leave them unsolved?

Second, are you really working very hard? Some students claim they have been working very hard but only saying, spending about 2 hours doing their daily homework. Some senior level students said they spent at least 2 hours doing revision at weekends. Good, but if they can manage to spend 3 hours, will it be better?

Third, have you managed your time well? Can you concentrate on your studies, both in class and at home, especially during the test and exam period? Can you resist the temptation to play games with your mobile phone and to browse messages all the time?

Fourth, can you persist in your learning? Will you give up easily when you come across any difficulty? Will you always strive for improvement?

To conclude, initiative, diligence, concentration and perseverance are the four vital elements for one’s success. If you can correct your attitude of learning, I believe you will succeed in your studies.