My Pledge to Act: Build the Future with Our Family – 4/9/2014

My Pledge to Act “To Build the Future with Our Family” 2014-2015

Good morning everyone,

At the onset of the new academic year 2014-2015, I am delighted to invite you all to participate in “My Pledge to Act Ceremony – Build the future with our family” 家‧攜手互勉‧共創未來 . The family is the pillar of a healthy society. The pledge aims at encouraging you to treasure and love your family members, understand how to get along well with them and foster a sense of responsibility in the family.

The theme of the pledge comes closely with our education theme this year.  That is “Realizing our potential, Appreciating Ourselves and Others.” No one will doubt that the family is always the source of support, enabling us to build the future. With appreciation and love from our family, we can face difficulties and further develop ourselves.

Over the last 2 months, the whole world has been found enveloped or nearly suffocated with natural disasters and tragedies, which absolutely make people of humanity heart-broken.  What come fore around the world were the shooting down of MH17 in July, the massive ethnic cleansing by ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq) and the deadly and incurable disease of Ebola in West Africa. Hitting Hong Kong people were the death of a pregnant woman as a result of a fallen tree on Robinson Road and the political row over the universal suffrage for the post of Chief Executive in 2017.

The above seem to have dampened the spirit of people.  To me, they are part of reality which we can take positively and become more alert to the challenges ahead. Young people like you should treasure what you have and learn how to contribute to the family, the school and the community.

Boys and girls, the future should be built with family and your potential as well. Remember the great performances all of you put up in the 35th Anniversary Variety Show on 17 July.  I am sure all people who have come will never forget the devotion you have shown and the effort you have put in. Some of you got angels’ voice and sang beautifully. Some of you were great musicians playing different kinds of musical instruments. I really want to say all of you are great people who have done something unusual, making the celebration activities of the 35th Anniversary strikingly different. Therefore, you should realize your potential for your future.

Feeling blessed and appreciating others are equally essential in our lives. Do you agree? Things do not turn out in our favour all the time. However, with family support, I am sure you will feel secure and confident when facing twists and turns. The following may help build harmony in your family.  Do appreciate the small acts of kindness of your family members, simply by saying “Thank you”, play with them once a week and talk to them for at least 15 minutes a day.  Challenges can be opportunities to stretch our patience and strengthen our family relationship. Family members are angels bringing blessings and making our life meaningful.  Do keep this thought in mind and you will feel blessed with all sorts of experiences and encounters in your life. You can surely build your future with your family.

To wrap up, I encourage all of you to be bold to take big steps despite the many obstacles ahead, and appreciate family members as they are the ones helping you become more mature and more thoughtful.

Thank you.