School Year Commencement Greeting 1/9/2014

Good morning everyone,

 Welcome you back to school!

I am glad to see your happy faces again on the first day of the new school year!  We all had a long summer holiday and I believe that you have made good use of your time to equip yourselves by reading a lot of books and participating in meaningful summer activities.  In the vacation, many senior form students came back to school to have supplementary lessons and tests.  I would like to thank teachers for their hard work and guidance. I would also like to thank the janitors for their hard work in tidying up the school premises after the construction and repair work so that we can have a good learning environment.

The 35th anniversary year has passed and all the celebration events were successfully held.  All the unforgettable celebration events including the parade, the Lunar New Year fair stall, the Open Day and the Variety Show have been taped and later DVDs will be made and distributed to you all in due course.

This year we have three new teachers Mr. CHU, our Economics teacher, Mr.TAM, our English teacher and Miss WONG, our LS teacher. We also have two new non-teaching staff: Mr. WONG, our IT assistant and another Mr. WONG, our careers and life-planning education assistant. I would like you to respect and co-operate with them. There are also some changes in the General Guidance Team and the ECA groups. Miss LAW will take the place of Miss IP in the General Guidance Team, while Biology Miss LEE will be the teacher-in-charge of the Community Youth Club. A new ECA group, the Film Appreciation Club, will be run by Mr. HUI and Miss FONG, this year.

Next, four of our students have been accepted to take Medicine Degree Courses offered by CU. They have been trying very hard in their studies and can be taken as your role models. Due to limited university places, you still face very keen competition in entering university. So at the commencement of this new school year, I would like all of you to aim high and strive for excellence in your academic results. Besides studying, you should also manage your time well to participate in the extracurricular and other learning activities so as to strike a balance in your school life.

You are also reminded of the importance of multiple perspectives and critical thinking in analyzing social issues, and the possible consequences of any political engagement. As Professor Peter Mathieson, the President and Vice-Chancellor of HKU, addressed in the inauguration ceremony of new HKU students last week, students should learn to become conscientious and responsible members of society. They should understand the power of persuasion and negotiation to reach a consensus or to “agree to differ” when no consensus can be reached.

This year’s Education Theme is “Realizing Our Potential, Appreciating Ourselves and Others”. We would like you to realize your potential in both academic and non-academic areas. Also, we want you to learn the values of appreciation as preparation for life in this fast-changing society. Let’s encourage each other and put this Education Theme into practice together.

In closing, may I wish everyone a fruitful and successful school year!

 Thank you!