Year End Review – 13/7/2011

Today is the last school day of the academic year 2010-2011. Throughout the past year, teachers have been working hard to put our education theme ‘Be positive and inquisitive’ into practice. Many academic and non-academic programmes were implemented. Most of them were tailor-made for our students. Besides teaching, our teachers led our students to participate in many external activities and competitions. We have a great harvest year winning over 300 individual and group prizes. Congratulations! Thank you, teachers and students for your concerted effort.    

The 2nd term exam and the annual exam results have been displayed in the covered playground. Please have a look. They will also be uploaded to the school intranet. The pass percentages of most of the subjects in all levels are higher than 90%, but the respective credit percentages are not high enough. Therefore, we should not be satisfied with our present results. You should aim at getting more credits or at least 70% mark or above and always strive for improvement. You should catch up with your work, read more books and improve your language proficiency in your summer vacation.

S.5 students in particular, you will face the first HKDSE next year and the annual exam for S.6 will be held in January, 2012. Though it is a great challenge to you, you should act positive. Study hard, always keep a healthy lifestyle and manage your time well.

In order to provide a more balanced Arts Education in the NSS curriculum, the school decided to add the subject Music to the Secondary 6 curriculum next year. That means there will be one Music lesson and two PE lessons per cycle in S.6.

This year, one of the teaching staff is going to leave us. He is our Biology teacher, Mr. Chan. He is resigning for his further studies in doctoral degree. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for his effort in teaching and caring for students over the past year. I would like to wish Mr. Chan good health and a happy life in the future.

Lastly, you should know we will have a double cohort in the next academic year. We will face many changes with 31 classes, from S.1 to F.7, and the school premises will become insufficiently large enough, so you are required to be more self-disciplined. Mutual respect and understanding is very important. I believe you can adapt to the new situation and we can overcome any challenges ahead together.

Wish you all a wonderful and fruitful summer holiday.  Thank you.